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All Taylor County Schools are currently open.

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School District Advisories

There are no district advisories at the present time.

Local Weather

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County Alerts

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School, District, and County Information Contacts

Paul Dyal
Superintendent of Schools

DOE Emergency Communication Center

The toll-free Emergency Communication telephone number changes for each emergency incident.

When the situation warrants, DOE will post the telephone number here.

About This Page

The Florida Department of Education Emergency Information Network (EIN) is designed to provide uninterrupted communication of school operational status and critical emergency and security information to Florida's School District, Community College and SUS-FL institution communities. The EIN is comprised of two components: 1) a backed-up Emergency Information Web server and portal, and 2) the Florida Knowledge Network (FKN) Emergency Broadcast system.The EIN provides the in-place architecture and set of procedures to allow school administrators to communicate pre and post hazard information of relevance to students, their parents, school staff and teachers.

Emergency web site templates have been established on a redundant network of secure servers for each School District, Community College and University to individually customize. These templates have general information and data fields that can be changed to keep the school's community informed on security and emergency hazards that have an impact on the school. The web site also has fields to inform the school community on standard security and emergency procedures, and to provide educational information to help families better prepare for emergency situations.Although the EIN will predominately provide information on school operations, critical information regarding the hazard will also be provided as an additional means to facilitate communications.This information will be closely coordinated with the local County Emergency Management agency.

The emergency web site architecture is designed to be up and running at all times, even in the event of a local hazard situation that may disrupt the schools web server.School Districts, Community Colleges, and Universities may even configure their home pages to be redirected to the emergency web page before, during, or after an emergency situation to help facilitate communication of critical information to their community.For the emergency web site to be effective, students, parents, teachers, and staff must be aware of it and know that it will be used to communicate important security and safety information. As an example, the emergency web site would serve as the key mechanism for communicating school opening information to evacuated parents, students, teachers and staff.